Friday, July 25, 2014  

Oppose Efforts to Block Strong Water Efficiency Measures


In times of drought, it is critical that our local governments are able to move quickly and take steps that will protect our public health, safety and welfare even if it means implementing water restrictions beyond the state's minimal requirements.

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For example, the drought caused the Douglasville-Douglas County Water Authority to lose 25 percent of its reservoirs capacity in less than six weeks during Summer 2007. The authority recognized the problem and acted quickly, making it the first water utility in the state to implement a total ban on outdoor water use. If the Authority had waited until the Georgia Environmental Protection Division (EPD) implemented the Level 4 drought restrictions on September 28, 2007, the Authority could have had little or no water for any of its customers. Without the ability to quickly respond to the needs of their community, Douglas County would have experienced a severe water crisis.

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