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Vote Early to Protect Georgia's Forests, Water, and Communities

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Voters have a chance to impact Georgia's environment by voting in favor of those amendments that will help Georgia's environment and in opposition to those that will harm it.


All three Constitutional Amendments on the ballot will have an impact on Georgia's environment. Here are explanations of each amendment:

Amendment 1
Earlier this year, members of the General Assembly joined together in a bipartisan effort to protect Georgia's forests. In a near unanimous vote, the state legislature passed the Georgia Forest Land Protection Act of 2008. If Amendment 1 is approved by the voters in November, the Act will help preserve tracts of forest land 200 acres or greater. Under the Act, landowners could enter a 15 year covenant to protect the tracts from development and, in return, receive a property tax reduction. The value of this incentive would be determined by the Georgia Department of Revenue, and much, if not all of the lost revenue to local governments would be reimbursed by the State. Voters should vote YES on Amendment 1 to preserve Georgia's forests.

Amendment 2
Amendment 2 would allow school districts to decide if they wish to participate in tax allocation districts (TADs). There are many environmental benefits that could come from TAD funds. TAD funds can be used for rehabilitating historic sites and buildings, creating parks and open space, building transit facilities, and providing pedestrian amenities and safety improvements. Also, TADs can help to fund affordable housing components within residential projects that enable people to live near job centers, thus reducing traffic congestion and improving air quality. Voters should vote YES on Amendment 2 to help improve Georgia's communities.

Amendment 3
Amendment 3 would allow counties to give developers the power to create special districts, infrastructure development districts (IDDs) that would issue tax-free bonds to finance infrastructure for large, private residential communities. The developers would be given the power to levy taxes to pay any and all costs incurred in development, taxes that the counties will be required to collect for them. There is no limit on the amount of these taxes, which are in addition to existing local taxes. The developers are not required to ensure that there is adequate water supply for the developments or that the sites are sustainable. Voters should vote NO on Amendment 3 to protect Georgia's water resources and people.

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