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Save Money, and Invest in Water Efficiency

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Ask the Governor's Water Supply Task Force to Include Conservation


Earlier this year, Governor Nathan Deal pledged $300 million to increase Georgia ’s water supplies and charged a Task Force with directing those funds to “critical, cost-effective water supply projects.” Unfortunately, the Task Force has chosen to exclude water conservation and efficiency projects from this funding program.

Instead, the Task Force will use the money to fund the promotion of speculative reservoir projects and other unproven and high-cost water supply options.

Water utilities and local governments are interested in stopping leaks from water delivery pipes and implementing other water efficiency projects. Through federal and state funding programs, the state has provided $65 million in loans for such projects in the past five years. More funds are needed to continue this important work.

Failing to make the Governor’s water supply funds available for such projects will ensure that this pot of money is directed to well-connected lobbyists, lawyers, engineers and real estate interests who are the first in line to benefit from funding for new reservoirs.

We need you to write the Task Force and tell them to let local communities interested in fixing their leaking pipes compete with the political insiders for the governor’s water supply funds.

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Use Tax Money Wisely, Invest in Water Efficiency

As a Georgia taxpayer and a citizen concerned about our state’s water resources, I am writing to urge the Water Supply Task Force to include water conservation and efficiency as one of the categories of water supply projects eligible for funding under the Governor’s Water Supply Program.

Georgia’s Environmental Protection Division estimates that water conservation and efficiency measures can cost $0.46 to $250 per 1,000 gallons secured while new reservoirs can cost $4000 per 1,000 gallons secured. The Task Force should align our limited state funds with the most cost-effective water supply projects.

Many Georgia communities are choosing water conservation over expensive infrastructure projects. These communities should have the opportunity to compete for funding under the Governor’s Water Supply Program.

I encourage you to revise the Task Force’s report to the Governor and include water conservation and efficiency projects in this new water supply program.

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